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For three days the meteors showered down upon our planet.  They were small in comparison to others that have fallen from our skies. Only about the size of a personal vehicle, a small personal vehicle.  They landed in the ocean, on the land, in forest and flatlands.  They didn’t leave very big holes when they impacted, yet the atmospheric disturbance was great.  A fog of some sort, shrouded the area’s where they landed.  It was a mystery and our armed forces were on alert and in some cases on the scene.


It wasn’t until the creature emerged and started to attack that our scientist figured out that the objects weren’t meteors.  Their data indicated that the things had drastically slowed before hitting our planets surface.  The things that emerged from the…ships, for that is what they were, ships, were unlike anything we had ever seen.  And being descendent of a space faring race, we had seen a lot.  That was when everyone became a soldier.  A call to arms raced around the world.


The creatures were huge by our standards.  Eleven feet tall, heavily armored and armed with weapons of untold destruction.  Cities were leveled  by the advance of two creatures.  By now the cities were abandoned as we knew these would be the first place they would strike.  Wherever these creatures went, the ground shook, vibrated with their coming and their passage.  It was frightening.  Yet we were fighting for our home, but I suppose so were they, fighting for our home.


After about a month of fighting and hiding, the creatures had gathered around four central sites across our planet.  Each continent had at least one  There were three continents on our planet.  The largest, the one I resided on, had two of these sites.  From what we could tell, each site had exactly the same number of creatures.  Whereas, our continents were populated much, much differently.  The smallest had the highest number of residents. Where the largest had the least.


When the creatures stopped fighting, we were surprised.  When they started to build, we were even more surprised.  For two months we watched them.  For two months we plotted.  We soon found that they had no aircraft.  Aircraft we had plenty of. They weren’t big, but they were fast and powerful.  They were an ugly looking craft.  Short stubby wings, long body and two oversized engines on either side of the rear of the main fuselage.  The wings could be loaded down with any number of different ordinance.  What we put on them were our most powerful anti-armor missiles.