The Adventures of John Abernathy

Phew!† John Abernathy.† What a ride.† For the time, itís over.† I donít think John will be rearing his time traveling head anytime soon in the future.† Olí John has run his course...for now.


Here is the linier order of his lives.



1. Aftermath †††††† †††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††

2. Time and Again



5. Rerun

6. Winds of Change

3.The Kings Undoing

In this first Novel length adventure, John doesnít really travel in time except, he does know what is going to happen in the future, but just his future. Follow him as he winds his way through catastrophe and mayhem.† Sometimes it isnít good to know what will happen in your future.

In his second adventure, John travels back in time from a disastrous future some twenty odd years.† His plan is to set things right...the human race depends on his succeeding.

Again, our hero travels back in time to avert disaster.† This time itís the government gone awry.†


He seems to be stuck in a theme.

John is hauled up before the Order of Shondaóthe keepers of timeóto answer for his meddling with the time stream.† It is here we learn he has at least two more lives.

John is given the chance to travel back along his timeline with all the knowledge and experience he has currently.† He actually travels back a number of times and it seems he could go on forever as each life he experiences only takes seconds in the future.† The only problem is, to return to the future one must die in the past.† Ouch. Again he is trying to right a wrong.

In this the final adventure, we find our hero immersed in a life like no other he has experienced.† He† is the county sheriff and must solve two murders.† Along the way he finds love and romance, along with villainy and deceit and a way to travel in time, once again.

4. The Lives of John Abernathy


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