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Just how many times had man attained greatness?† How many times has he gone back into the Stone Age?† And who has placed such high expectation upon him?

How would you react if you were the first to find out your world was going to end.† What if your species would be wiped out by the event? Follow the epic journey of a race on the brink of utter destruction.† Although their planet is declining and their race slowly dying off, those who are left apply themselves to finding and then moving to a new home.† A new home on a planet still within their solar system, yet fraught with perils not present on their home world.

The Syllogistics Coalition in the Luyten sector has attempted to secede from the Union and take over several other planets in the process for the resources they need.† The sector has been settled by a group of scientists and mathematicians which followed the teaching of logic above all else.† It was their logic which led to their determining that they where the only society capable of ruling mankind.† Logic drove them to secede and attempt to take over the Federation.† Logic was their eventual downfall.

The search for the origins of man leads a crew of one of the explorer vessels to a remote planet in the outer rim. This is where they find the home of their ancestors, on a lifeless deserted world in a long forgotten sector of the galaxy.



Death would be a solace, but I canít worry about being comfortable now.


Death. I was fighting for my life.† Breath in, exhale. That was my existence.


Death. Oh how I wish it would come.† Perhaps there was a better place on the other side of life.


Death. He approaches, yet I still run.


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