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Hurrying down the hallway, Jean De'art holds the readout tightly to her thorax.  Her mind is reeling with the data typed across the pages she has just printed.  Frightened beyond belief she pushes open Professor Ke'pats door without knocking.  The Professor spins in his chair to see who would be so bold, yet a kindly smile crosses his lips when he sees it is Jean.


"Jean, my dear, what is the matter?  You look as if you have seen a ghost of the ancestors."


"Professor, if that was all, I would be overjoyed.  What I have here, in this stack of paper is something I just can't comprehend as yet."


"Well my dear, then let me see and perhaps I can help you."


"Sir, I understand what the data tells me, it's what it means that I can't or don't want to comprehend."


"Let me have a look," Professor Ke'pats says softly.


Jean sets the papers down in front of him, gently.  Ke'pats starts reading.  As he does, the small hairs on the back of his neck start to rise.  His torso breaks out in fel'ck bumps.  As he reads the last page of data, his hands shake and his eyes bulge out of their sockets.


"This can't be Jean!" Ke'pats whispers afraid of his students answer.


"I checked it five time sir.  The numbers are correct."


"My god, this is…this is disastrous.  This will mean…Great Je'ga, I can't say it."


"I know sir.  I can't either, but we have to tell someone."


"The High Council must be told for sure, yet…will they do the right thing."


"I wouldn't know the answer to that question Professor, really I wouldn't."


"I know my dear, I know.  Not a word about this to anyone until I return from Se'pa City, understand my dear?"


"Yes Professor," Jean says watching the Professor collect her papers and stuff them in his carry case.  "Go back to your lab and print another copy of these and put them in a safe place, just in case."


"In case of what Professor?" Jean asks.


"Just do it," the Professor whispers harshly.  "For me dear, if you would?" he asks gently.


"Of Course, sir, of course," Jean replies, as the Professor hurries out the door.


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