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Text Box: The Fifth Age

The helicopter banked hard to the right as it flew into the canyon dark, no lights, no radio, no radar, dark. The only warning of its arrival was the sound of the engines and rotor blades. The pilot cut the engines as its wheels lightly touched and rolled on the hard packed earth.  Six heavily armed people emerged from the open doors of the aircraft.  Lights came on throughout the camp in which the chopper had landed.  Five other helicopters settled noisily to the ground around the outside of the fifteen or so tents.


"Alpha four set perimeter, Alpha one clear off, fly cover.  Beta group inbound, vector zero-zero-one, set beacon."


Agent Morris ran to where the helicopter that had brought him and his fellow agents had been and set the beacon on the ground. Six more choppers flew toward the canyon in the night sky, lighting up the surrounding landscape with their lights as they sped toward the campsite.  One peeled off and headed directly to the beacon.  The other five made ditto landing behind the first five. Ten civilians slowly climbed down from the helicopter settling to the ground in the camp.  The six agents gathered them up and herded them toward the nearest tent.  Four agents remained outside as guards.


Residence of the tent city started to form outside the tent the four agents guarded.  Ten agents appeared behind them and started herding them away from the tent holding the twelve outsiders.  An agent stepped out of the tent and talked in hushed whispers.


"Tim, have Doctors Gibson and Maloney brought up here."


"Right boss," Tim replied heading in the direction of the group held in the middle of the tent city.


Twenty minutes later Tim escorted two men into the tent, nodded at Agent Hawking.  The two men stood there, their faces filled with anger.


"What the hell is going on here?" one of them shouted.


"Doctor Gibson, Harold F. Degree in archeology, Princeton, PhD in forensic archeology, Princeton.  What's going on here Doctor is you and your team found something, well to be honest, something seemingly impossible and we are here to straighten out the problems you have caused.  Now are these the artifacts you found, is this all of them?"


"How…how do you know…yes and I would ask that you leave them alone please, they are very delicate," Doctor Gibson said taking a step toward the table that held all the artifacts on display.


The one other man dressed in black in the room, shouldered his rifle aiming it at the doctors head.  The doctor froze mid-step, eyes wide with fright.


"Easy George, I don't think the doctor is a threat, lower your weapon," Agent Hawking nodded.


"Yes, boss," George replied, lowering the muzzle of his rifle.


"Who are you?" Doctor Gibson asked.


"I'm sorry Doctor, my name is Special Agent Stephen Hawking, no relation I assure you."


"What Agency?"