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The logic wars were fought when the Syllogistics Coalition in the Luyten sector attempted to secede from the Union and then tried to take over several other planets in the process for the resources they needed.  The sector had been settled by a group of scientists and mathematicians which followed the teaching of logic above all else.  It was their logic which led to their determining that they where the only society capable of ruling mankind.  Logic drove them to secede and attempt to take over the Federation.  Logic was their eventual downfall.


Several strategic planets had been taken by them and their logic dictated that the Federation would not try to take back the planets as the costs in material and manpower would be too high.


Their thinking along these lines provided the Federation opportunities from which to take advantage thus winning every engagement with little or no loss of life.  It was then that the Coalition started to hire mercenaries to fight for them. 


Although the Logic Wars took three long years to prosecute it gave much of the military experience in battle that would have otherwise been non-existent.


* * * *



* * * Max Jones


The shriek of the air passing the skin of the landing craft made it difficult to hear inside the buffeting craft.


"Listen up!" I shouted, standing at the rear f the craft. "Listen up you grunts!"


Forty-five faces turned toward me.


"The third armored will be dropping on our left flank.  Elements of the Fifty-first ID will be to our right.  Our job is to level the power plant.  We will be landing on the roof of the main building.  Intel says minimal resistance, so stay sharp.  Once the charges are set we dust off and let the Colonial Marines mop up."


Forty-five faces stared at me.


"Is that clear?" I shouted.


"Clear Staff Sergeant!" forty-five voices yelled in unison.


"Good," I said looking at the drop clock.  Forty-five seconds.  "'Stand up," I yelled as the inertial dampeners engaged and the jiggling and bouncing ceased. "Ready," I shouted turning toward the doors behind me.


There was a slight jolt as the landing craft touched down.


"By the numbers..." I shout.


The doors flop open.