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A planet is invaded by brutal creatures from beyond the stars.  The entire planet is mobilized to defend their home, to push back the invaders.

Alana Shankov slipped into the open window of the non-descript house on the non-descript street in a non-descript city. Alana Shankov was on a mission.  She didn’t work for any government. She worked for herself.  Alana Shankov was not only the hunter, she was the hunted.  The house she had just entered was empty.  The “For Sale” sign in the front yard marked it as unoccupied.  The window that had been left open was a fortunate mistake for Alana.  Slipping across the floor silently and slowly, she made her way to the stairs.  The house was completely furnished, it being on the market in an upscale neighborhood.  Upstairs was a bed.  It had been a long time since Alana had slept in a bed.  But first, a shower.  It was a risk she was willing to take.

How would you use a device that let you see what has happen or what will happen?


Gregg Baxter was a very smart man.  Three PhDs set him apart from most men in his field.  And what he had just finished as he set the screwdriver down on his wooden workbench would get him a Nobel Prize. Exhaling, he took a moment to look at what he had accomplished.  On the bench, was something Gregg had been dreaming about for most of his life.  All during his schooling he had this dream of seeing into the past.  He knew that there wasn’t any way to go back in time, but he had postulated a way of seeing into the past and possibly into the future or at least one possible future.

AMV Chicago, the newest merchant vessel off the assembly line at Scara Mensa shipyard, is on its first mission.  One of the biggest merchant vessels ever built, Chicago, can cross the galaxy if necessary. 


Armed with the latest and greatest, a new type of shield, Chicago’s first mission is actually its shake down cruise.  They are tasked with bring supplies to Fleet One and Four during an attack on the Gar.

Endiri IV, an explored planet in the Endiri system has been opened for colonization.  The Endiri IV space craft has been built to carry the colonists there. 


Over a mile long and able to carry everything a new colony will need to survive for the next five years it starts on its historic journey, only to be knocked off course within reach of its destination.

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Follow the last few survivors in a world gone nuts as they travel from different parts of their country to come together to survive.