Text Box: A View in Time

Gregg Baxter was a very smart man.  Three PhDs set him apart from most men in his field.  And what he had just finished as he set the screwdriver down on his wooden workbench would get him a Nobel Prize. Exhaling, he took a moment to look at what he had accomplished.  On the bench, was something Gregg had been dreaming about for most of his life.  All during his schooling he had this dream of seeing into the past.  He knew that there wasn’t any way to go back in time, but he had postulated a way of seeing into the past and possibly into the future or at least one possible future.


Doctor Baxter was a physicist, holding two doctorates, one in theoretical physics and one in practical physics. His third doctorate was in Quantum Mechanics.  During all this time, the past fifteen years, he had taught himself temporal mechanics or the study of time. Without his insight as a child he would have never finished what sat before him on his workbench.  The device looked like a hyped-up calculator, but was much, much more.  It also could have been mistaken for a handheld gaming device the kids walked around with.


With shaking hands Gregg picked up the device, flipped up the transparent view screen and pressed the power button.  The viewing screen and the small screen on the body of the device came to life.  Both screens displayed the format of the data it was expecting.  The viewing screen also displayed the work “Idle” along with the current date and time and the current longitude and latitude where the device was.  This information was obtained from the GPS satellites in orbit around the Earth.


“Where to look?” Gregg mumbled to himself.



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