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About Connor

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Text Box: D e a t h

It all began when I was but a lad.  We were told it was the best thing that could happen to humankind. So we were told.  Before my sixteenth birthday, I knew it was a lie. A fraud, a hoax pulled on the people of my planet.  They came out of the sky.  Hundreds of them.  We were ill prepared for them.  Did my world fight?  No.  With a whimper, my world gave up and became slaves to the outworlders.


At first, they introduced us to wonderful things.  How to produce more food was the main thing.  How to heal the sick was another.  Then everyone was put to work farming and manufacturing things for the invaders.  Our standard of living plummeted.  Soon everyone was living in poverty.  As I toiled in the fields, a once rich banker stood beside me.  His wife beside him.  So the new rules were, you worked or you died.  So everyone worked.


Death. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.


By the time I was eighteen, my parents were dead, my brother was dead and my sister, well I didn’t know where she was.  When I turned eighteen, I just walked away from the camp I had been assigned to.  Just walked out.  No one tried to stop me. No one chased me down to bring me back.  I just walked out.  Out into the wilderness that surrounded most camps now a days.


Gone were the once glorious cities. 


Gone were the roads. 


Gone were the magnificent trains that used to moved my people around the planet. 




Kind of like Death.